About Us

Dr.A.M.Reddy is the principal founder and director of Dr.Positive Health Sciences, under the aegis of which Dr.A.M.Reddy Autism Centre, Dr.Positive Homeopathy Clinics, and Dr.Positive Dental Care are rendering yeoman services and providing effective treatment for thousands of patients across South India.

Our Story

Dr.Reddy is a renowned Homeopathic physician, who completed his masters from Gulbarga University and been practicing homeopathy for more than a decade. Driven by passion to make a difference to the suffering humankind, he visited over 300 villages to understand the health problems and ailments at grass root levels taking homeopathy to them.

Where many homeopaths started deviating from Hahnemannian principles, he stuck on to them and provided treatment to scores by a simple and efficient Constitutional based homeopathy with wonderful results.

Our Mission

After seeing the suffering of parents with children suffering from autism, ADHD/ADD and other personality disorders he decided to help them with the best homeopathic treatment and did vast research regarding the same. With his vast experience he has cured and provided relief to more than 100 children bringing smile on the faces of the parents.

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