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Dr.A.M.Reddy is the principal founder and director of Dr.Positive Health Sciences, under the aegis of which Dr.A.M.Reddy Autism Centre, Dr.Positive Homeopathy Clinics, and Dr.Positive Dental Care are rendering yeoman services and providing effective treatment for thousands of patients across South India.

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Rajesh, Hyderabad

My son used to suffer with ADHD problem. Then I visited AM Reddy Autism last November. After few months of medication, my son is completely alright now. Thanks to AM Reddy.

Kalyani, Vizag

I should really thank AM Reddy garu for his amazing patience & intelligence in treating my daughter. She is able to speak now.

Mehreen Singh, Mumbai

AM Reddy Autism Center has really brought happiness back in our home. My child is completely normal now and we are thankful for that.


Autism is a neurological developmental and behavioural disorder impacting the communication and social interaction skills. Many show very restricted interest bordering on obsession and repetitive behaviour known as stereotype behaviour.

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Attention deficient hyperactive disorder (ADHD),-one of the most common co morbid condition seen in children associated with ASD. In fact they are so closely linked that many a time autistic children have been misdiagnoses with ADHD and vice-versa.

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Homeopathy Diet

The role of nutrition for the proper growth and development of a child is well known, it becomes all the more imperative when a child suffers from Autism or ADHD or other disorders.

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